Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Refine your search with cuil

A new search engine with categories.

Example a search on rails suggests these categories:
    * Ruby Programming Language
o Ruby on Rails
o RadRails
o Ruby
o Mongrel
o WEBrick
* Free Integrated Development Environments
o RadRails
o Aptana
o EasyEclipse
o NetBeans
* Extreme Programming
o unit testing
o Dave Astels
o regression testing
* Free Development Toolkits And Libraries
o Ruby on Rails
o CakePHP
o wxPython
* Software Architecture
o web application
o bootstrapping
o Representational State Transfer
* Database Management Systems
o ActiveRecord
o foreign key
o OpenBase
* Object-oriented Programming Languages
o Ruby
o C Sharp
o Jython
* Software Testing
o unit testing
o debugging
o regression testing
* Towns In South Dakota
o Bradley
o Raymond
o Stockholm
* Computer Programmers
o Dave Thomas
o Thomas Fuchs
o programmer

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