Thursday, November 06, 2008

Chat in Ruby

"Chat" (the name of the program I developped in C++ long time ago) lived 2 or 3 years. It had a relative popularity and serve us well.

The old one was based on Organizer, the ASP web site featuring a lot of projet management tools, this time I think I will develop some PTM tools.

Chat is dead, long live Chat !


Leblanc and Janie Wedding said...

Not sure how to get in touch with you...

saw your question here:

I started a c# project that implements a peg parser.

My system works by generating a composite of objects. This can be transversed by a language specific visitor that renders the parse tree.

I can handle the C#, php, c++, and javascript. I need some other people to create the other visitors. (1 of them is ruby)

Wondering if you'll be interested?

for now get in touch using:
spam [ at ]

Benjamin Francisoud said...

We need to talk at lunch time and tell me if GTK is great for a graphical interface ;)

Used it along time ago but I was a student back then...

Lately I tried "shoes" did you tested it ? Had some memory leak but found the answer asking on the mailing list...

Unknown said...

I didn't try Shoes.

For Ruby/GTK everything is here:

You can also see the readme for the chat project:

I couldn't say if GTK is great, but as it works in Linux and Windows, it fits my needs. Using Glade to visually build your interface is simple enough. Long time ago I was building the interface by coding it directly, but it was too painful.

I'm now using GTK for other Ruby projects as well: